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Multimedia scrapbooks of your loved one built by their friends and family. LifeWeb makes it easy to collect and curate memories from a community after someone passes, all at no charge.


Create a digital legacy where you can experience a life lived

There were several hundred people at my mom’s funeral, and not enough time to hear all their stories….a little bit after the funeral, I received a photo of her from just a few weeks prior that’d I’d never seen before. If at the time there existed something like LifeWeb, I can’t imagine the stories and photos I would have to continue to get to know her life.
— Mike S.

Simple engaging Memorials

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create a web

All you need to get started is a photo and your vivid memory of a moment shared with your loved one.

Remember more than ever before

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upload memories

Share the LifeWeb with friends and family to upload photos, videos, voicemails, texts, and stories of the wide range of life experiences with your loved one.

We’ll do the rest to create a 360-degree view of a life lived.

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Reminisce about your loved one with memories in your private collection, in a family collection, or memories meant for everyone all in one simple LifeWeb.