Please fill in any words or phrases that come to mind when you think of your loved one using the categories below as a jumping off point. We will use to make a beautiful word cloud that can spark the memory of your loved one’s friends and family and prompt them to share additional memories.

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Full name used when creating their LifeWeb page.
Adjectives to describe the person, How this person makes other people feel, Good Habits, Bad Habits, Quirks
Nicknames, Significant Others Name, Children, Grandchildren, Friends, Pets
Schools, Higher Education, Employer Names, Job Titles, Volunteer Roles, Other Titles (Mother, etc.)
Hobbies, Music, Books, Movies & TV Shows, Sports, Exercise, Cars Driven, etc.
Hometown, Cities Lived In, Street Addresses Lived At, Favorite Vacation and Travel Destinations, Favorite Stores & Restaurants
Favorite sayings you can hear them saying in your head
Routines, Major Life Events, Any other keywords or phrases that make you think of them